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Negro League CD: 1935 East-West Allstar Game

Negro League CD: 1935 East-West Allstar Game
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Negro League CD: 1935 East-West Allstar Game
"Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to radio station WINN. It's a bright, sunny day and it's time for BASEBALL featuring the greatest Negro League players in history!"

The bad news is that genuine radio broadcasts like this do not exist. Negro League games were almost never broadcast on TV or radio. But, we think we can offer you the next best thing! We have meticulously researched some of the greatest games ever played and recreated them, batter for batter, to give you the chance to feel what Negro League baseball was all about. You'll hear some of the World's greatest Negro Leaguers making diving catches, stealing bases, blasting homers, throwing heat and making history! Pop one of these CDs into your radio or car stereo and take a wonderful trip back in time!(

sample Track (note: large - 610K - file, may take a while to download depending on speed of your Internet connection)

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