Jacket: Chicago American Giants

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As far back as 1925, the Chicago American Giants drew more than 200,00 to their home games at Schorling Park...
From the time the color barrier was established in the late 1880's and 1890s until 1920, Negro baseball consisted mostly of independent teams playing somewhat haphazard schedules. There were some local leagues, but all attemps to organize on a national basis met with failure. That changed in 1920, when Andrew (Rube) Foster, the founder of the Chicago American Giants, realized a long-held ambition and helped form what became the first successful black baseball league.
- The Negro Baseball Leagues, A Photographic History: Dixon,Hannigan

As for their surname, it no doubt came from the National League's New Yourk Giants, who were very popular at the time. In later years it would become THE name in black baseball. There were the Cuban Giants, the Brooklyn Royal Giants, the Chicago American Giants, the Lincoln Giants, the Leland Giants and the Kansas City Royal Giants, to name a few. Why Giants? It's likely the word was used as a marketing device, a quick identifier geared toward fans who might be looking for ANegro baseball in newspapers or on billboards.