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NLB Histry

In 1920, an organized league structure was formed under the guidance of Andrew "Rube" Foster, a former player, manager, and owner for the Chicago American Giants. In a meeting held at the Paseo YMCA in Kansas City, Mo., Foster convinced seven other Midwestern team owners to join him forming the Negro National League. Soon, rival leagues formed in eastern and southern states, bringing the thrills and innovative play of black baseball to major urban centers in the U.S., Canada and Latin America. The Negro Leagues maintained a high level of professional skill and became centerpieces for economic development in many African-American communities.

Negro League Founder: Andrew "Rube" Foster
Andrew "Rube" Foster

Louisiana's Only World Series (17:44) 2/2014, LPB reflects on Black History Month and the start of another baseball season. Monroe is the only city in Louisiana to have ever hosted a professional baseball world series. In 1932, the Monroe Monarchs hosted Satchel Paige and the Pittsburgh Crawfords in the Negro League World Series. Charlie Whinham uncovers this baseball gem with the help of two north Louisiana natives.

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in the Negro Leagues

Toni Stone

image of Toni Stone
NLB's stellar female ballplayer

Women played in the Negro Leagues also. Listen to a NPR (National Public Radio) excerpt. Learn more about her contributions and other female players to the League. Click here

Biography - read a short bio of Toni Stone written posthumously.

Negro Leagues ALLSTARS


"I know who's the best pitcher I ever see and it's old Satchel Paige...my fastball looks like a change of pace alongside that little bullet old Satchel shoots up to the plate." -- Dizzy Dean
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Negro League TRIVIA

The generic label, THE NEGRO LEAGUES, refers to various affiliations of professional black baseball players, extending fom the late nineteenth century to the Jackie Robinson era


The Negro leagues, interestingly enough, were responsible for introducing night baseball, the use of shin guards, batting helmets and the screwball

The New York Cubans Giants was one of the early teams to form, though it adapted the Cuban surname to help circumvent racist discrimination. The stigma obviously remained.
The ban that barred black ballplayers from the exclusively white Major Leagues dates as far back as 1859, with the National Association of Base Ball Players (NABBP). The National Association of Professional Base Ball Players, which relaced the NABBP in 1871, upheld the ban.

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