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The Negro Baseball Leagues

2011 Wall Calendar
Calendar 2010: Black Baseball’s EBONY SLUGGERS: WILL & SKILL

Whistle Stops: Black Baseball on the Road

An unwritten rule barred blacks from participating between the white foul lines, until 1947 when Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers of the National League.  In response to this exclusion, black baseball players formed their own teams and their own leagues to play America's National Pastime – before it became truly National.

The Forgotten Leagues 2011 Calendar, “Whistle Stops: Black Baseball on the Road,” celebrates the hard road to glory before the de-segregation of Major League baseball, with such teams as early as the 1895 Page Fence Giants from Adrian, Michigan, to the Monarchs of Kansas City, the Buckeyes of Cleveland, the Crawfords of Pittsburgh, the Eagles of Newark, the Black Barons of Birmingham, American Giants of Chicago, the Red Sox of Memphis, Stars of Detroit, the Clowns from Indianapolis, and the 1946 airborne Satchel Paige All-Stars. 

Life on the road was often tough as one player Stanley “Doc” Glenn, of the Philadelphia Stars, recalled, “We rode the dog before it was called Greyhound.”

This time capsule edition renders historical images of the various modes of transportation by selected teams.

Discover the bumpy ride and dusty roads.
Discover the hard seats and harden attitudes. 
Discover black baseball's Road Warriors.

Size: 12 x 12 in.; opens to 13 x 24 in.

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